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Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG
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Advanced fluid simulation for the water & process industry

High resolution, realistic, real time fluid simulation opens a whole new world of possibilities. THINK Fluid Dynamix® is a consulting and engineering service department that specializes in advanced numerical technologies, such as computational fluid dynamics and automated optimization. Our goal is to help our clients to find better solutions, better designs, faster.


Scientific visualization and stirred tank reactors

Dynamic phenomena, such as the operation in stirred tank reactors, can only be understood through exploration of the transient (time-dependent) data as animation. The 3-dimensional time dependent representation of data is one of the most challenging topics in the field of scientific visualization, but also one of the most effective ways to gain insights about complex processes. Read more 


Studies in turbulence modeling 

Turbulence plays a central role for liquid mixing technology and related processes (reaction, mass transfer, heat transfer, liquid-liquid dispersion, solid suspension and fluid blending). The better numerical technologies can model turbulence phenomena, the better we can analyse and understand mixing related processes. Watch our turbulenz modeling video.